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Having too much spice

Start by opening an image of a man with an open mouth.

image 1

Duplicate the layer and change the layer mode to "linear burn".

image 2

Select and merge both the layers. From Filter menu select"liquify". Select "Forward Warp tool and distort the hair as shown in the image below.

image 3

Duplicate the layer. From Filter menu select "Blur>>Gaussian Blur". Apply settings as shown in the image below.

image 4

Switch to "Channel" palette. Ctrl+Select the "green" channel to get the selection.

image 5

Click add layer mask button from the bottom of the layer palette.

image 6

Duplicate the layer again. Press Ctrl+U to open hue/saturation window. Apply settings as shown.

image 7

image 8

Using pen tool create tongue shape as shown in the image.

image 9

Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown.

image 10

image 11

image 12

image 13

Create a new layer. Press Q to enable quick mask. From "Filter" menu select "Render>>Difference Clouds". Apply settings as shown.

image 14

Press Q again to disable quick mask.

image 15

Fill the selection with white color.

image 16

Select eraser too and erase the portions leaving behind the steam coming out from the ear.

image 17

Duplicate the layer a couple of times to enhance the effect.

image 18

Duplicate the layers. Press Ctrl+T. Right click and select Flip Horizontal and place on the other side, also crete steam coming out from the mouth using same technique.

Having Too Much Spice
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