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Horror Effect

Gangsta CJ Photo Editing Jan 29, 2007

This tutorial will teach you how to transform a regular image into a dark, scary one.

Step 1:

Press "Ctrl + O", select your file and press "Ok" to open it.

Step 2:

Go to "Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast" and set "Brightness" to "50".

Step 3:

Duplicate your Layer (Ctrl + J)

Step 4:

Press "Ctrl + U" for "Hue/Saturation" with these Settings:

image 1

Step 5:

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur with "3,5" Pixel

Step 6:

Right Click on the Duplicated Layer and go to "Blending Options" with these Settings:

image 2

Step 7:

Duplicate your Layer (Ctrl + J)

Step 8:

Press "Ctrl + U" for "Hue/Saturation" with these Settings:

image 3

Step 9:

Select all Layers in your Layer box (it must be 3) [Click "Ctrl", then you can grab all Layers at the same time] and Press "Ctrl+E" to Merge all Layers


If you want a sig, follow these steps.  Otherwise save your image, and your done!

Step 10:

Press "Ctrl+N" to make a New Document and size it "300x100 px" ...

Select your Building and go to "Image -> Image Size" and size it "Width: 300 px" ... then it gets automatically the "Height" it has to

Step 11:

Press "Ctrl+A" to select everything and Press "V" and Grab it into your new sig...

Step 12:

Add some Scanlines (and/or) , Text (and/or) , Border ...

My Outcome Large:

image 4
Click to enlarge

My Outcome Sig:

Horror Effect

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