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Impressive Photo's Background

The first, you create a new document and then open the model photo like this.

image 1

Continue to open this texture.

Name model photo is "layer 2" and texture is "layer 1".

Select layer 2 and then press Ctrl+Shift+U set it to be black and white.

image 2

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.

image 3

Then change blend mode of layer 2 to hard light.

image 4

Choose layer 2 and Press Ctrl + L to set levels.

image 5

Now choose layer 1 and layer 2, press Ctrl + E to merge them. Use Pen tool to cut the model and put it on this texture.

image 6

Use lasso tool (L) to make a selection around her hair.

image 7

Add a mask layer and use smooth brush to erase cleverly the black background behind her hair. Now you have.

image 8

Choose layer 1 and add mask to it.Use some brushes like spilled water to eraser unnecessary area.

image 9

Continue to use some brushes like ink stain to make the background more impressive.

image 10

Make 2 copies of Ashley layer and Ctrl + T to rotate them like this.

image 11

Press Ctrl + L to set the output level these copies.

image 12

Set one opacity 50% and one opacity 25%.

image 13

Use original Photoshop brushes to apply freely like this.

image 14

Use this texture and add mask layer,gradient it like this.

image 15

Now use some flowers or anything that you like to put on the bottom.

image 16

Add some texts, and you get the final result.

Impressive Photo's Background
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Click here to download all brushes used in this tutorial.

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