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Manipulate a Photo

Step 1. In this tutorial we are going to manipulate a picture using layer styles and other pictures.

Open a picture of an eye. I chosed one from Http:// ( a really great stock website ).

image 1

Step 2. One of the esential parts of a manipulation is changing the color into an more abstract one. To do this go to Image>Adjustmens>Color balance and add the folowing settings :

image 2

image 3

image 4

Step 3. Next we are going to change the color of the eye. So grab the round marquee tool , make a selection of the eye and on a new layer fill the selection with any color and change blending mode to color.

image 5

Step 4. Now here starts the fun. We are going to use 3d abstract renders. I got mine from . Here is the way that you use them: Copy them into a new layer on this manipulation and shrink them to match perfectly with the size of the image. Then take a soft Eraser and erase the parts that are covering the face.

This is what you should have:

image 6

Step 5. Now take another render shrink it place it on the face and change blending mode to Overlay. Then erase the parts covering the other render.

Manipulate a Photo

You are done, but actually when manipulating a picture you cant really say that.

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