Metal Effect

Let us create a metal effect at the picture of the horse. After reading the Photoshop tutorial you will be able to apply the metal effect on any photo.

image 1

Step 1. Choose the necessary part of image by Lasso (L) tool and copy into the new layer (Ctrl+J). In our case there are the mane and the horse-tail. And then turn on the flag Lock transparent pixels in the palette Layers. Turn off the Background layer. Then press Ctrl+Shift+U for desaturating the image.

image 2

Step 2. You have to use two filters - one after another.

The first, Filter > Noise > Median with Radius 3 pixels. It is necessary for cleaning small "rubbish" from our image, and the surface will be more smooth.

The second, Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with Radius 3,5 pixels. By changing this meaning you can regulate lines and bends flow.

image 3

Step 3. Make a new layer for regulating curves Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves, and make your curve like the curve in the picture.

image 4

Step 4. Press "Ok" and look at your image. Don't you like it? Then you have to make the copy of our Adjustment Layer by dragging it to the Create New Layer icon of Layers window.

image 5

And the last Step 5. Choose Layer > Merge Visible or press Ctrl+Shift+E, and turn on the Background layer.

The image is ready!!! See how you applied a metal effect on the photo using Photoshop 7:

Metal Effect

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