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Monochromatic Photo Effect

kromefx Photo Editing Jan 04, 2006

Step 1 Open your photo and go to filter>artistic>cutout with the settings 6/1/3. If your photograph is especially detailed or blurry you may want to adjust these settings some.

image 1  image 2

Step 2 Go to images>adjustments>desaturate to remove the color information.

image 3

Step 3 Head for images>adjustments>gradient map and use an orange to yellowish gradient.

image 4

Step 4 Crop the image down to the portion you want.

image 5

Step 5 Use the pen tool (or your favorite method) to remove the background so that only the person is remaining.

image 6

Step 6 Add a layer under the image and fill it with black.

Monochromatic Photo Effect

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