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Create Cool Old Photo Effect

At first, open the photo you want to modify.

I used this one link.
And here are the paper textures link.

Let's start.

image 1

Make the photo black and white Image-Adjustments-Desaturate.


Place the first texture over the photo.

Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask: Amount 50% Radius 1.1 Threshold 0.

Blending Options: Hard Light + Fill 38%.

Merge layers. Create a new layer.

Gradient tool (Reverse) - black to white - Radial. Hold "shift" key and stretch from center to the left.

Blending options - Soft Light.

Now place the third texture, unsharp it. Blending options-Multiply-Opacity 78%

image 2

We need to add some scratches. Download the brushes from here link and another link. Install them.

Create a new layer, pick this color #000000 and add some scratches. A little bit sharp them. Blending options-Soft light

Old Photo Effect

That's all.

Download psd from here.


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