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Photo Album Cover

1. Download this photo album book

image 1
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2. On your cover lets put a photo, a stroke border, and free transform it so it will be the same angle of the album cover.

Step A Stroke Border: to put a stroke on your photo, on the layers tab to the lower right, right click on the photo layer and select Blending options from the context menu. Check out the screen shot for the blending settings.

Step B Free Transform: To free transform, once again select that photo layer and press CTRL+T on your keyboard to activate the free transform short cut. you will then see an outline around your photo, rotate the photo so it aligns up with the rotated photo album cover.

image 2

image 3
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image 4

3. Lets add two strips of tape that will hold the corners of the photo making it seem as though we taped this photo to the album cover. to do this select the rectangle shape tool on the left tool bar.

Select the color white and then draw out a rectangle.

Press Ctrl+T again so you can rotate the piece of tape and then drag it to where you want it to appear on the photo.

Now once again go to the blending options of that rectangle shape we just created. we will give this a 55% opacity so it is translucent, and also give it a stroke border

image 5

image 2

image 7

image 8

4. Duplicate the rectangle so you get to identical pieces. to do this right click on the rectangle layer and just choose duplicate

image 9

5. Now lets add a title on top of the photograph on out photo album. Select the "T" button on the toolbar on the left, that's your text tool. Type out what you want, i just put VSA since this is an image i created for UC Davis' VSA. I selected Monotype Corsiva for the font face, blade for color, and 25 for size.

Once you type out what you want, press ok then press Ctrl+T again to free transform it to align to your album.

image 10
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6. The text looks pretty plain, so lets add some effects to it. Lets make it so it looks like those book covers that has the raised text on them. Go to blending options again by right clicking on the text layer and select it from the context menu. Go to the bevel and emboss option and set it like how i got it in this screen shot.

image 2

image 12

7. The last thing i am going to add is the UC DAVIS logo to the bottom of the photograph. To the logo we will add several effects to it.

First, Ctrl+T, and free transform it again so it aligns up properly to the other images.

Second, go to blending options again, and set the settings to how i have for the bevels.

Finally, press Ctrl+U to bring up the Hue Saturation Feature. We will use this to change the color of the logo to match the background more. make sure you check the "colorize" box and match the settings i have, you may need to do a little modifying to get it to how you like it.

image 2

image 14

image 15

Photo Album Cover
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