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Photo Montage

Photo Editing Jul 29, 2004

Photo montage can be really compared to the traditional art in terms of the power of self impression and ability to disguise and at the same time to hint about the idea and the message.  Creating a smart and thought provoking photchop may require some serious photo editing skill but in some cases rough compositing of images may be more appropriate. When it comes to the ideological art it’s not about the quality of the work from the technical side but it’s all about the power of the author’s concept or assertion. Photochops just like paintings can be distinguished as realistic, abstract and nonobjective.

image 1

Photo montages are often created just for fun and hardly can be referred to the art however they spread over the net just like a virus and thus a great marketing tool for promo and propaganda campaigns.

image 2

Photochops are really powerful triggers to getting involved into a digital art, so a common hobby of just looking at photo collages may evolve into a photo editing and retouching passion as well as web design or illustration creation. But keep in mind that even for your amatour projects use the images that are copyright free.

Photo Montage

Whether a photo manipulation is somewhat realistic and seamless or sincerely and vividly demonstrating the montage flaws it always gives so much food for your imagination and watching such a work may be compared to reading a classy book.

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