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Polaroid Snapshots Mosaic (Exclusive Tutorial)

Max Photo Editing Mar 21, 2008

You all probably know how Polaroid snapshots look like. A lot of interesting effects can be created on the basis of Polaroid photographs. One of them is the effect of the several photos on the table. And here the following idea has come into my head - to make one big shot in the form of several Polaroid photos.

So let's start. Open the picture you wish to apply this affect to in photoshop. I've chosen this photo with puppies.

image 1

Now go to Image>Canvas Size (Ctrl+Alt+C) and choose the size of the canvas the same with your desktop's size (e.g. 1024x768 or 1280x1024). I've chosen 1280x1024.

Create the new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N), and send it to back (Ctrl+Alt+[) and fill with the color to your liking, or the color better fits to the background of your future picture. I've selected #007899 color.

image 2

Select the layer with the puppies and apply Drop Shadow and Stroke in Blending Options (Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options) with the following settings:

image 3

image 4

image 5

Here's how it looks like. Like Polaroid snapshot. But we need some more photos for our effect.

Now go to Rulers (Ctrl+R) and draw two vertical and two horizontal lines, which divide the photo into equal parts.

image 6

Select the area of the left top rectangular with the help of Marquee tool (M). Next duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J), and move and turn the layer a little with the help of Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T).

image 7

Choose again the layer with the initial photo. Select the area of the middle top rectangular using Marquee tool (M). Then duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J), and again shift and turn the layer a little with the help of Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T). Turn it contrariwise.

image 8

Go on duplicating the layers this way till you get 9 separate layers with the rectangular.

image 9

All you have to do now is to hide the layer with the initial photo, and you've got a cute effect of several Polaroid photos.

Polaroid Snapshots Mosaic (Exclusive Tutorial)

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