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Professional Photo Retouching Bikini Model

10Steps.SG Photo Editing May 17, 2010

Download Bikini Model Shoot from Open up the image in Photoshop. We will be editing this photo at its original size.

image 1

First thing we have to do is to hide all the unwanted dots/pimples around the face. Using the Clone Stamp tool, pick an area near a dot/pimple and clone that part to cover itself. Next thing is to smoothen the face. Using the Eyedropper tool, pick color on the face. With Brush tool, set the mode to Soft Round 50px and Opacity to 20%.

image 2

Create a new layer and start painting the skin smooth.

image 3

Let's move on the smoothen the body. Duplicate the original model layer and rename it to "Surface Blur". Instead of airbrushing the entire body parts, go to Filter > Blur > Surface Blur. Set the Radius to 5 and Threshold to 20.

image 4

When we apply Surface Blur, the bikini and background got smoothened as well, which is what we do not want. So select the "Surface Blur" layer and apply Layer Mask to it. Invert the mask to black. Using the Brush tool with #FFFFFF, paint only to reveal the smoothed skin.

image 5

Now let us make the model stands out more from the background. Duplicate the original model layer and rename it to "Lens Blur". Select the duplicated layer and go to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur. Key in the settings as shown in the diagram below.

image 6

As the entire image are affected, we need to create a mask so only the background is blurred. Apply a Layer Mask to "Lens Blur" layer, then using Brush tool with #000000 to hide the model.

image 7

Duplicate the original model layer again. Rename the duplicated layer to "Soft Light". Rearrange this layer to be above all the other layers. Set its Blend Mode to Soft Light.

image 8

Create a Levels Adjustment Layer and key in values 15, 1.00, 255.

image 9

Create Brightness / Contrast Adjustment Layer and set the contrast to 10.

image 10

Create the Hue / Saturation Adjustment Layer and set the saturation to -5.

image 11

Create a Curves Adjustment Layer and adjust the Blue and Green curves to look similar to the ones below.

image 12

And we are done! This is a simple yet effective photo retouching tutorial. Hope you guys will like it.

Professional Photo Retouching Bikini Model


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