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Puzzle Effect

Start by opening any picture you want using Adobe Photoshop.

We are going to split the image.Go to Views>Rullers.Or simply press Ctrl+R.

image 1

Now using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)

image 2

Create a rectangle like in the picture.

image 3

The press Ctrl+J to create a new layer with the selection.

Repeat these steps and create 6 rectangles.Try drawing different rectangles because we want to add this puzzle effect.

Be sure that every time you create a rectangle the background is selected.Now delete the original image.

image 4

Go to Layer>Blending option(right click the layer).

image 5

Go to Layer>Blending option(right click the layer).

image 6

image 7

Now right click the layer you applied the effects and select Copy layer style.

image 8

Then right click another layer that doesn't have any effect and select paste layer style.

image 9

You should obtain something like this.

Puzzle Effect

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