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Realistic Tattoo Design

All you need is download tattoo photoshop brushes and your photo.

For this tutorial we will use this photo:

image 1

Step 1

Download collection of tattoo brushies. You can download them here. You will get excellent collention of photoshop brushies for tatto:

image 2

Extract this brush collection to brushes folder: Presents - > Brushes.

Step 2

Now open your photo with photoshop:

image 3

Step 3

Go to brush tool: image 4 (B). On brush tool menu take on of tattoo brushies that you are download:

image 5

Step 4

Now create new layer: Shift + Cntrl + N, call it Tatto and draw your tatto. Now we got 2 layer:

image 6

Step 5

Now press Cntrl+T (Free transform) and put your tatto to than body place where you whant it will be. And make size of tattoo what you whant, to look like it is original:

image 7

It is olmost originaly, but not complete.

Step 6

Now we go to: Edit ->Transform->Warp and modify your tattoo to be realistic:

image 8

Here you need your imaginashin to transorm tattoo what ever you like.

Step 7

Now it is final step. Go to tatto layer blending mode and change it to multiply and change opacity to 50% or what ever you like, to looks like real tatto:

image 9

Finale result

And here is final result:

Realistic Tattoo

Maybe it isnt perfect, but realistic of your tattoo depent of your imaginashin. So be creatif and try yourself. Good luck.

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