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How to Create Realistic Tattoo

FotoFects Photo Editing Mar 11, 2005

Add realistic tattoo on skin.

image 1 1. Open the image for editing.

image 2 2. Drag the tattoo you would like to apply on the skin to the current document.

image 3 3. Add a layer mask (Layer> Add Layer Mask> Reveal All) to the new layer.

image 4 4. With the layer mask selected, use the "Apply Image" tool (Image> Apply Image) to apply the following properties:

Source: filename
Layer: Background
Channel: RGB
Invert: Uncheckmarked
Blending: Multiply
Opacity: 100%

Click OK and repeat this step two more times.

image 5 5. Unlink the layer with its layer mask then position the tattoo.

image 6 6. With the layer mask selected, use the "Brightness/Contrast" tool (Image> Adjustment> Brightness/Contrast) to tweak the visibility of the tattoo.

Realistic Tattoo 7. Rollover the image in this step to see the original image before this technique was applied.

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