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Remove a pimple Photo Editing Apr 24, 2008

Step 1 - Open Your Image

First, open the image you want to remove the skin blemish from. In this case I have chosen a random picture of a pimple. Once you have your image open, select the patch tool, show here:

image 1
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Step 2 - Select the Blemish

Now its time to select out problem areas. Take your newly selected patch tool and hold left click and drag a circle around the area you want to fix:

image 2
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Step 3 - Move it out of the Way

Now left click in the area of the blemish and drag it out of the frame and replace it with an area of skin that you want to appear where the blemish was:

image 3
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Step 4 - Blending The Image

Now your image should be looking pretty good, however there may be a small ring of imperfection around the area. Take out your blur tool, shown here, and blur the edge of the ring if visible. This will help blend the area into the background better:

image 4
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Step 5 - Your Finished!

You are now finished removing your blemish! Here is a before and after of how mine turned out, hope yours turned out well!

Remove a Pimple
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