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Removing powerlines

Don't you hate it when you get to a new place, take a picture, and later see that an annoying power line is in the middle of your picture, ruining it! Well not to worry.

This tutorial will teach you how to remove those annoying power lines while leaving the original image un-touched. I have to say I find myself using this removal technique on many landscape images, very useful indeed. This technique takes about 10 minutes to completely remove any traces of power lines, but again it depends on the amount of lines. To show you how it would look, take a sneak peek at the before/after image.

image 1

Here are the full sizes images: Before | After

OK let's get started. For this tutorial, we will be using the "Clone Stamp Tool" to "repeat" the background colors to overwrite the areas where the power lines appear. So first select the clone stamp.

image 2

So lets start with the easy areas, the ocean areas, zoom into your image so you can view all the details, I used a brush size of 15-25px.

image 3

OK now we'll really start removing the power line. Hold ALT, and click on the clean ocean, this will tell Photoshop that this is the area we want to use to copy. Now go over the power line area, and click on it, it should turn into the clean blue ocean you selected.

TIP - Don't drag this tool, do single clicks.

image 4

OK, so use this with all this area, I got this.

image 5

OK that was the easy part, where the background is single colors, now let's move on to a bit more complicated part.

image 6

REMEMBER - All shapes make shadows, so you must clean up the shadow also.

So this part is a bit more complex, as the colors aren't single like in the ocean, but we will use the same technique to cover this area. Remember to replace the shadows too.

image 7

So take your time, zoom in close, pay attention to the small details and make sure it looks "natural", also make sure there's not too much blur in the areas you fixed.

image 8

So we also have the town area, just move slowly with the power line, and fix it all. Here is my final image, very nice end effect, nobody would ever guess there were power lines in the image.

Hover over to see "before" image.

Removing Powerlines

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