Scary clown Photo Editing Sep 07, 2009

Clowns were created for the purpose of laughter and amusement for children yet holds a sinister reputation for being a child's nightmare.

This tutorial should be pretty simple as the nose and mouth are supplied with the .PSD.

This tutorial will help with the concept of changing skin, eyes and hair color with layer blends.

You can definitely experiment with your own colors and designs for the eyes, hair and skin.

If you want to go out and find your own mouth and nose that would be a good practice also.

After you successfully finish this tutorial try it on your own self-portrait and send it to your mom on mother's day =)

1. Liquify the face

This is the subject we're going to morph into a scary clown.

image 1

First we must change his eye expression into something more sinister.

While on the subject layer, select filter > liquify. This will open the liquify effect, select a brush size about 350 and slowly brush down between the eyes.

image 2

2. Coloring the skin

On the skin layer choose the blend mode to "Color". Use the brush tool select the color "black" and start painting his skin around the area shown below, be careful trying not to paint over the hair.

image 3

3. Clown nose

I've already have the nose on the "Clown nose" layer present.

Click the eye icon next to the clown nose layer and the clown nose should appear on the image. Double click the nose and give it a layer style with a "Drop Shadow" and "Outer Glow" with the settings below.

image 4

Your image should now look like this.

image 5

4. Coloring the hair

Now switch to the "hair color" layer and select a blend mode of "Color". Using a brush paint a red color on the area of the hair.

image 6

5. Eye color

On the eye color layer choose a "Darken" blend and with a red color paint the eyes red.

image 7

6. Face details

With the elliptical marquee tool make a circle lining the eyes up to the middle as shown below. Now were going to de-select the middle half, with the same tool make a smaller selection BUT hold "ALT" while drawing your circle, this will deselect it.

image 8

Now you will have a selected clown face art on your image.

With the blend mode on "Multiply" use a brush with a dark red color and draw inside the selection of the eye art.

image 9

7. Finished

Reveal "Layer 2″ by checking the "Eye icon" and the mouth will appear.

image 10

Also practice on different subjects, here's one I did of Angelina Jolie.

Scary Clown!

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