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Sexy Dark Make Up

In this tutorial we're going to make a really Sexy Dark Make Up for any of your dark style photos, we are going to use just a default brush and some color tweaks like Hue/Saturation, let's begin.

image 1

Step 1:

Choose the photo that you want to apply make up, the size or quality is not a problem here, but it's always good to have a nice photo to tweak.

image 2

Step 2:

Ok, first we are going to work the eyes, select the Brush Tool, and Black as your Foreground color.

image 3

Now.YOU have to modify the Master Diameter Values to make it fit in border of the eye like in the image. (We can't give you any values here because every size photo is different)

image 4

Step 3:

Press Ctrl + Shift + N (to make a new layer) and call it "Eyes"

image 5

Ok, now in your new layer fill the borders of both eyes like this:

image 6

Go to your Eye's layer Opacity and choose: 80%

image 7

Make a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and call it "Eyes II"

And now with the Brush Tool make this Gothic-Style effect of the "eyeliner"

image 8

Change the Opacity to 80% once again for this new layer.

image 9

Alright! Now select your dodge tool, we are going to highlight the eyes.

image 10

Again. Change your Master Diameter; now to make it fit in the iris.

image 11

And highlight exaggeratedly all the iris like in the screenshot:

image 12

Cool isn't it? Ok we're done with the eyes, let's continue.

Step 4:

Make a new layer, call it "mouth"; Select your brush tool again and choose a Dark Red as your foreground color (a70a0a).

image 13

Fill all the mouth like in the screenshot:

image 14

Now change the blending mode of your "Mouth" layer, choose: Multiply.

image 15

It will look like this now:

image 16

Step 5:

Now press Ctrl + Shift + E to merge all the layers.

And press Ctrl + U (Hue/Saturation), now be carefully cause we a are going to edit JUST the REDS:

image 17

Tweak a little settings to get Sexy Dark Make Up like ours, this values depend directly on your Original Photo Colors.

image 18

Now if your photo is too Light or too Dark, you can tweak the overall colors using Ctrl + B (color balance).

And Voila! Sexy Dark Make Up It's done!

Sexy Dark Make Up

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