Tutorials Photoshop Photo Editing Smooth Blending Old and Young Faces

Smooth Blending Old and Young Faces

Head Nerd Photo Editing Sep 04, 2006

Start by opening an image of a young lady with face close up.

image 1

Insert another image of an old woman with the same face angle.

image 2

Reduce the opacity to see the below layer. Scale down and place the old woman's face according to the face below.

image 3

Click add vector mask button from the bottom of the layer palette.

image 4

Select a black to white gradient in linear mode. Apply the gradient from left to right.

image 5

Select black as a foreground color. Select the brush tool. and apply it to remove unwanted areas.

image 6

Change the layer mode to luminosity.

image 7

Smooth Blending Old and Young Faces

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