Smooth Skin

1. Open any image you want to change.

image 1

2. Duplicate the image layer and name it "QuickMasklayer". Now enable Quick Mask Mode ( or just press Q ). Select Brush Tool and select hard Round 9 Px brush. Start brushing eyes, lips, teeth, eyebrow as shown below:

image 2

3. Again Press Q to enable Standard Mode. Don't Deselect the layer and apply Gaussian Blur with 2Px Radius.

image 3

4. Duplicate the original image layer and move it above the "quickmasklayer". Apply Gaussian blur with 5 px radius. Set its layer mode to screen and opacity to 50%.

image 4

5. Select Levels from Adjustment layer in layer Palette. Select Red Channel from Level Dialogue Box. Set it as shown below:

image 5

6. Now select Green Channel.

image 6

7. Select Blue Channel and change it setting.

image 7

8. Now Finally Select RGB Channel and also change its setting:

image 8

9. After applying all these setting the image should look like this:

image 1

Smooth Skin

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