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Sticker Photo Retouch

EZPhotoshop Photo Editing Feb 20, 2008

My photo, it seem dark, noise, and have boring color

image 1

Must retouch it !

Duplicate layer

image 2

pick Color Sampler Tool

stand on top layer, Image >> Adjustment >> Threshold

Move arrow to the right, then move back to left, see first white area, hold Shift + Alt then click to get sample white point

image 3

Move the arrow to the left, then move back to the right, see first black area, hold Shift + Alt and click to get sample black point

image 4

Open Curve ( Ctrl + M ) set black and white point, Delete layer Threshold

image 5

Image >> Adjustment >> Replace Color, click on blue circle, more Saturation

image 6

make new layer, Replace color again, but this step, set as I did

image 7


image 8

then clear the pink circle, keep this circle blue

merge all layer ( Ctrl + Shift + E ), then duplicate layer, add Gaussian Blur filter ( 10 px ) opacity = 20 %

merge all layer again, duplicate, change mode = Multiply 35%

image 9

use Elliptical Marquee Tool to create this selection ( it elliptical ) then save selection with "1"

image 10

pick Marquee tool, right-click on screen , choose Transform Selection

Go to channel 1, press Delete

image 11

we have

image 12

Fill blue color, then Gaussian Blur by 2 px

image 13

using Dodge and Burn Tool to shading

image 14

Unsharp mask ( Filter >> Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask )

image 15

at last, use White brush and Clone Stamp to clear dirty stain

Final result !!! and stock picture :) see the difference ?

image 16

Sticker Photo Retouch

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