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sx-70 Style Impressionist Effect

Open your image :

image 1

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Click on Add Layer Mask button as shown to create a mask in the second layer.

image 2

Go to image>Apply image :

image 3

Click on thumbnail of layer mask and go to filter>stylize>Glowing Edges and apply these values :

image 4

While layer mask thumbnail still activated, go to filter>Artistic>Cutout and apply these values:

image 5

Now, change the layer style to screen:

image 6

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Click on layer mask thumbnail and press control+i to invert the colors. Now change this layer's blending mode from Screen to Multiply. If you think your image turned too dark than reduce the opacity of the layer.

image 7

Press control+a to select all the layers. Press shift+control+c or go to edit>copy merged. Create a new file and paste the copied file in new file. Press control+j to duplicate the layer.

Go to filter>Distort>Ocean Ripple and apply these values :

image 8

Now, press shift+control+f to open fade dialog box. Reduce the opacity to 43%.

image 9

image 10

Open this texture file. Paste it over the second layer.

If you want, you can easily create this texture. First, create a new layer. Fill the background with dark gray color and apply Plastic Wrap filter (Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap) setting the highlight strength to 15; detail to 9 and smoothness to 7. Press control+f until you get something like shown in the figure :

image 11

Change the layer style to Hard light. Now, use high feather eraser tool and erase the middle part of the image.

image 12

Reduce the opacity of the layer to 44%.

image 13

Finally, press control+u. Click on colorize. Set the hue amount to 193, saturation to 50 and lightness to 0.

You have successfully converted your image to sx-70 style manipulation.

sx-70 Style Impressionist Effect

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