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The terminator

- Open up the image of a face you want to turn into the terminator. Im using the terminator himself as my victim for this experiment :).

- Duplicate the orginal layer so now you have 2 layers for this image. go to the BOTTOM layer, and apply Filter->Sketch->Chrome. Set Detail: 10 and Smoothness: 0

Now go back to the top layer (from now, we will only be working on the top layer.) , then choose the "Eraser Tool", and set the brush size to image 1 or similar. we want one with rough edges.

Now use this eraser to erase his eye on the TOP layer, this will reveal his bottom layer.

image 2

Now apply this BEVEL and EMBOSS layer style to the top layer.
Layer->Layer Style->Bevel and Emboss

image 3

Now use the SHAPE TOOL to create a small round shape for his eye. Then Apply the following layer style:

image 4

- Now create a new layer.

- Choose the brush tool, and select the same brush as you use above, but change the size to smaller, around 18px, and paint a vertically on the cheek, do not just drag the mouse to draw, but point and click to give it a rougher edge.

image 5

Now apply the following to this new layer.

- Color Overlay -> color: #770707 and opacity 100%

image 6

Now choose the eraser tool, and select brush size 4 hard edge and erase out the center of this layer.

Now choose the photo layer and the working layer, and use the eraser tool to also erase out the same area as you just erase in the above layer.

You can erase out other parts around it too.

image 7

The above 2 step just showed you how to create scars and revealing his "metallic" body inside. repeat this step using some variations on brush sizes to other parts of his face.

Also, if the face is too happy, use the Filter->Liquify tool and make him angrier.

image 8

Here is Mine turning it into a movie poster

Download .PSD file

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