Vector Photo

FotoFects Photo Editing Mar 18, 2005

Make a photograph look like it was made in vector without drawing anything.

image 1 1. Open the image for editing.

image 2 2. Apply a "Cutout" filter (Image> Artistic> Cutout) with the following properties:

Number of Levels: The lowest value possible to reveal all important details.
Edge Simplicity: The highest value possible to reveal all important details.
Edge Fidelity: 1

Click OK.

image 3 3. Create a new document from the current state by pressing the "Create a new document from the current state" in the "History" pallet.

image 4 4. On the new document, resize the image (Image> Image Size). To create thicker outlines, select a smaller image size; to create thinner outlines, select a larger image size. Make sure the "Constrain Proportions" and "Resample Image" check option is checkmarked. Select "Bicubic" as the resample method. Click OK.

image 5 5. Apply a "Find Edges" filter (Filter> Stylize> Find Edges).

image 6 6. On the current layer, use the "Hue/Saturation" tool (Ctrl+U) to reduce the "Lightness" to "-50". Click OK.

image 7 7. Cascade the windows (Window> Arrange> Cascade) and drag the current document into the prevoius document while holding the "Shift" key.

image 8 8. Resize the new layer using the "Transform" tool (Ctrl+T). Press "Return" to exit out of the transform mode.

image 9 9. Change the current layer's blending mode to "Hard Light".

image 10 10. Use the "Brightness/Contrast" tool to increase the "Contrast" to "50". Click OK.

Vector Photo 11. Try experimenting with thicker or thinner lines and different settings for step 2. To make the outlines all black, desaturate (Ctrl+Shift+U) the top layer with the "Find Edges" filter. Rollover the image in this step to see the original image before this technique was applied.

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