White Eyes

lombergar Photo Editing Feb 01, 2010

The tools that will be used in this tutorial are: Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, and Dodge Tool.

image 1

Select your photo. For this tutorial I used a regular eye stock photo.

image 2

To Lighten up the skin/eye Go to Image>Adjustments>Replace color.

image 3

Do this a few times, selecting different areas each time to pale the skin down to give it a albino look.

* After each selection choose OK and then repeat with another selection

image 4

Next using the Stamp Tool, select a plain part of the eye and using Alt+Click and painting over the area with. Make a few selections till the iris is covered. Don't worry to much with how neat it looks.

image 5

Then select the Healing Brush to blend in the area that was created with the Stamp Tool. Again using Alt+click.

image 6

After that choose your Dodge Tool, with an exposure of around 25%, and for Range select Shadow. And go over the whole eyeball area a few times.

image 7

The final result:

White Eyes

* Note - for diffrent light exposures of some photos you may have to play around a bit more.

* Replace Color may not work well with over exposed photos.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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