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Wrinkle Removal

BCool Photo Editing Sep 01, 2006

Original picture:

image 1

Final picture:

image 2

This tutorial was sent by friend of mine BCool. This effect is perfect for wrinkle, birth mark and freckles removal. Using a Healing Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop makes it easy and fun. You couldn't find this tool in old versions of this program by the way. This technique is widely used for dating websites and rejuvenation of some photos.

Ok, let's open a picture with wrinkles:

image 1

Press Ctrl+J on your keyboard to duplicate layer. Or choose Layer-Duplicate Layer.

If you don't see your layer window, open it by pressing F7 on your keyboard. Our layer is duplicated:

image 4

Take Healing Brush tool image 5 and set these settings:

image 6

Now hold Alt on your keyboard and at the same time left click on some smooth area of a skin near a wrinkle that you want to remove. It's like taking a sample of a smooth skin for wrinkle removal.

image 7

Release Alt and start to click and drag on nearest wrinkles. Cross shows where the skin samle is taken from. If you do something too much, step backward by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Z on your keyboard.

image 8

See the difference?

image 9

Do the same thing with the nearest wrinkles.

image 10

Let's remove other wrinkles. Hold Alt and left click on the other cheek:

image 11

Click and drag to remove wrinkles:

image 12

Here we go! Completely different face, isn't it?

image 2

Wish you a successful wrinkle removal! ;0)

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