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Create 3D Fruit Bowl With Illustrator CS2

ndesign Adobe Illustrator Dec 16, 2005

5. Create New Art Brush

First create a path similar to the image as shown below, fill it with black (k=100), and then create the highlight path fill it with 80% black (k=80). Drag it to the Brushes library window to create a New Art Brush. If your Brushes library is not on the screen, go to Window > Brushes or press F5.

new art brush

New Art Brush Options

The Art Brush Option window should pop out, select Tints from the Colorization Method drop down menu, leave everything as default, and click OK.

new art brush setting

6. Draw the apple's basin

Create a stroke path with the Pen Tool and select the Art Brush that you've created in the previous step. Now place it on top of the apple like the image shown below.

apple's basin

7. Duplicate the apple

Select the apple (with basin), hold down the 'Alt' (or 'Option' key for Mac), drag it to make a copy of it. You may also use Copy & Paste to duplicate the apple. Then, change it to red color.

make a copy

8. Adjust 3D Revolve setting

Select the red apple (oval path only), in your Appearance pallate, double click the 3D Revolve effect icon to adjust the options/setting. If your Appearance is not showing, select menu Window > Appearance or press Shift+F6.

appearance pallate

3D Revolve Options

Now, your 3D Revolve Options window should pop out. Enter the following value(X=57 Y=63 Z=-159). You can change the rotation values manually by entering the numbers or by dragging the cube on the left.

adjust 3d revolve

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