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Beginners Guide to HTML

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1. Create new document, random size

2. Use Pen Tool, make the shape like this, remember hold Shift button for line at 0, 45, 90 degree

image 1

3. Hold Alt, click in obj, move it (when hold Alt, it'll copy )

image 2

4. Right Click in two obj, choose Make Guides

image 3

5. Now, check the Smart Guide item in View menu, it'll help u draw a perfect shape ;)

6. Use Pen move near one point, it'll show "anchor"

Create some parallelograms cross 2 guide, with the purpose of fill color

image 4

image 5

image 6

image 7

7. Select parallelogram and fill color

image 8

image 9

make some shapes by using Devide options on Pathfinder pallet

image 10

8. Group it all

image 11

9. Use Rounded Rectangle Tool to create this shape. When you hold mouse to draw, you can increase or deincrease round point by hit Up or Down button

image 12

10. Ctrl + C then Ctrl + B ( Paste To Back )

Go to menu Object >> Path >> Offset Path with 5 pt

image 13

You have

image 14

11. Select two obj, double-click into Shear icon on Tool pallet to open shear box , degree = -20

image 15

image 16

12. Type some text in here

Put the G shape into

image 17

Drop shadow

Gameworld Logo
Click to enlarge

Done the GameNetwork logo !!!

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