Greeting card

First, make new file, random size

Pick Spiral Tool choose fill and stroke color as I did

Select Round Cap items on Stroke palette

image 1

Drag and drop this to Symbol palette

image 2

Pick Symbol Prayer Tool to fill the black bg with this symbol

image 3

image 4

Next, using another tool on Symbol Toolbar

Random transform your background

image 5

image 6

Bring and copy the black background to the top ( Ctrl + Shift + ] )

Then select all ( Ctrl + A ) >> right click >> Make Clipping Mask

image 7

Pick pen tool, draw this shape, using last fill and stroke color

image 8

Go to Effect >> Stylize >> Drop Shadow..

image 9

and set as I did..

image 10

Opacity = 30 %

Duplicate it and rotate..

image 11

One more Multiply layer ( set blending mode on Transparency palette )

image 12

add text :D


image 13

Final result !!!

Greeting Card

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