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Kawaii Korean Flag

1. Create new document, random size, hit Ctrl + " ( Show Grid )

2. Create1 Rectangular obj and 2 line obj.

image 1

3. Select 2 line, Right-Click and select Make Guide

image 2

4. Draw 4 shapes like this, Group it all

image 3

5. View >> Smart Guide, if it don't work, uncheck in Snap to Grid

image 4

6. Click to the center of 4 shapes, drag it to the line guide

image 5

image 6

image 7

7. Use Reflect Tool

image 8

Hold Alt and click to point of intersection of two line guide, it'll show red "center" text

image 9

image 10

7. Note: this rectangular white shape we use only to crop 3 black obj ( will delete at end )

"White obj must in top"

With part 1: Do nothing !! Delete it

With part 2 : Group two shapes select in picture, then use white shape to cut out it with Subtract from shape area ( in Pathfinder palette )

With part 3: Group and Cut out 3 select obj same last part

With part 4: Cut out select obj same last part

image 11

and we have

image 12

8. Check Snap to Grid item on View menu, it help you work easily

image 13

9. Draw 3 obj like this, you'll draw it easily because you selected Snap to Grid menu

image 14

10. Select 3 obj, and Divide, then Ungroup

image 15

11. And you have 4 separated objects"

image 16

12. Select obj 1 & 2, then hold Alt and click to Add to Shape icon, same with obj 3 & 4.

image 17

13. Fill red and blue color then move it to point of intersection of two line guide that you created before.

image 18

Clear Guide !

Done !! It a korean flag, then we'll mapping it in a bow

14. Group all obj, use Pen Tool to draw this path in new space

image 19

15. Move this path to lie down the flag ( copied ), then go to Object >> Envelope Distort >> Make with Top obj

image 20

16. Hit Ctrl + C ( copy ) , Ctrl + 2 ( lock select obj ), Ctrl + F ( paste in front ) then go to Object >> Envelope Distort>> Reset with Mesh

image 21

image 22

17. Then Release, and u have two obj , delete korean flag obj

image 23

18. Use Lasso Tool to select these anchor point

image 24

19. Choose white color in Color palette, select Blending mode = Multiply in Transparency palette

image 25

20. You can select more anchor to add shadows, highlights

image 26

21. Take the circle shape in flag, put it in middle of the bow

image 27

22. Draw a same shape, fill black and white gradient, blending mode = Multiply. Our result !

image 28

23. Add more highlights and shadows, and we have !!!

Kawaii Korean Flag

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