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Page Layout in Illustrator

1. Create new document, choose size that you want, in here I choose A4 landscape

2. Use Type Tool image 1 create a new type area in this page, should distant from margins about 20 >> 30 pt

image 2

Now we align this area with art board

image 3

then click in 2 icons down here

image 4

3. Get text to the area, use Type Tool, click into the type area, then go to File >> Place and import your text document ( *.txt, *.doc, *.rtf ... )

4. Split columns and rows

image 5

In this box, width and height are size of text area.

Some important

Span : height or width of 1 row or 1 column

Gutter : distance between 2 rows or 2 columns

Text Flows assign the way for text run ( for Eng or Chinese text style )

Inset Spacing : the distance between margins and text ...

image 6

5. work with paragraph Windows >> Type >> Paragraph to open paragraph pallet

1 spot is distance between left margin and text

2 spot is distance between right margin and text

3 spot is distance between left margin and headline

image 7

6. Type Orientation ( define type direction by vertical or horizontal )

image 8

7. When the type area have a picture placed, do you want your text fill around your pic ?

Select 2 obj ( text and pic ) then go to Object >> Text Warp >> Make

image 9

image 10

Offset : spacing between you pic margin and text

8. When your text file is too long, text area cant show all, you need text I'll show on next box.

Use Type Tool create a new box type

Select 2 box

Go to Type >> Threaded Text >> Create

Page Layout in Illustrator
Click to enlarge

9. How to type text on the path

First, you must create a path

Then Use Type Tool and click in this path and start typing

Custom text run style on path: go to Text >> Type on a path >> Type on a path options

10. Type text on shape

Create a new shape

Use Area Type Type Tool or Vertical Area Type Tool

That all basic skill to layout the page in illustrator ..

Hope it useful !

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