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The Basics of Illustrator

Basic Adobe Illustrator Oct 31, 2006

The Tool Palette

image 1

The Selection Tool You can use this tool to select paths and shapes to transform them, or to move them.
The Direct Selection Tool This is used to select and adjust angles on points of paths and such.
The Pen Tool This is used to draw your vector images or shapes.
The Line Tool This is used to create a vectorized line.
The Shape Menu Tool This is used to create a rectangle, rounded rectangle, circle, a polygon, and a star tool.
The Brush Tool It is used to make brush strokes on your image. It's like the brush tool in Photoshop, but its settings are controlled in the stroke menu.
The Pencil Tool This is used to make free-handed paths.
The Rotate Tool Used to rotate your item selected.
The Scale Tool Used to make items bigger or smaller in size.
The Warp Tool Used to create a "warped" effect on the image.
Free Transform Tool Select an area to transform what you like.
Symbol Sprayer Tool Used to spray a symbol from the symbols list, onto your image.
Column Graph Tool Used to make graphs and such. Good for statistical images.
Mesh Tool Used to create a "mesh" effect.
Gradient Tool Used to select the colors and such in your gradient on your image.
Eyedropper Tool Used to select a color in the image.
Blend Tool Used to make things blend together.
Slize Tool Used to slize an image or item.
Scissors Tool Used to cut out things in an image.
Hand Tool Used to grab select things to move around.
Zoom Tool Used to zoom in on your image.
Fill Color The path you make will be filled with the color selected.
Stroke Color The path you make will have a stoke of this color.

The Color/Stroke Palette

The Basics of Illustrator

The Color Palette Used to select a color that you want to use.
Swatches Palette Used to select swatches you want your selection to be filled with.
Graphic Styles, Brushes, and Symbols Palette Used to select your brush you want, or what pre-made images you want in your image.
Stroke, Gradient, and Transparency Palette Used to adjust your stroke on your selection. Also used to change your colors in your gradient, and to change transparency options on your selection.

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