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Vector Wave Music Background

Today I will create a trendy vector wave background and this time I implement some music element inside to make it more interesting. Let's start then.

1. Create a new document, 450 X 300 px, RGB color. Grab the Rectangle Tool and click on the stage and a menu will pop up, set width to 450px and height to 300px. Adjust the position to make it center. Set it to gradient as below:

image 1

2. Grab the Pen Tool to draw some shape like this and you need to use pathfinder to intersect the shape are. After expand it, set it black to green gradient with angle to -90. Make sure the black is real black by checking the C, Y, M, and K to 100. Go to transparency and set the blend mode to Screen.

image 2

3. Repeat step 2 and draw the shape as below with the setting as shown:

image 3

4. Lock all the layers. Draw the line as shown with the setting shown:

image 4

5. Go to Object > Blend > Blend Options and set the spacing to Specified Steps 12. Press OK. Select both lines and go to Object > Blend > Make or simply press Ctrl + ALT + B.

image 5

6. Repeat step 5 to create more waves.

image 6

7. Grab the Ellipse Tool and create a black circle. With Pen Tool, draw the tail for the music symbol. Follow the step shown below:

image 7

8. Draw a white shape as below by using Ellipse Tool again. Select the music symbol and press Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + F to paste in front. Select both shapes (white circle and music symbol) and intersect shapes area as shown below. Select the white shape and set it black to white gradient with angle = 120. Select the whole music symbol and press Ctrl + G to group them for easy edit.

image 8

9. Simply copy and paste the shapes in different position and rotate them. Have fun!

image 9

10. Here is my end result after edited in PS. Hope you guys like it!

Vector Wave Music Background

Tips: You can create different wave by changing the stroke size and color and the Specified Steps amount.

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