When the Dreams Come True(Exclusive Tutorial)

We need the following photos:

Images: (thanks for using Your stock):

Model - download !!!

Background - download !!!

waterfall - download !!!

Wings - download !!!

Here we go...

Step 1 - New Document

Start off by making a new canvas, 2000x2000 pixels. Set the values as in the photo below.

image 1

Step 2 - Background

At the beginning we are creating the background. Open the "Background.jpg" image and drag the stock background image to your canvas and make a new group for it Ctrl+G, rename this group to "background".

Now go to Edit> Free Transform. Fit image to your workspace.

If you want to add a blur, go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur.

To brighten the background go to Image> Adjustments> Variations. If you want blur the background, go to: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. You can see on illustration below...

image 2

Open up the Image menu Image>Adjustments>Shadow/Higlight... and apply follow settings:

image 3

While the blurred layer is still selected, go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness / Contrast and reduce contrast, as well as adding brightness:

image 4

image 5

Step 3 - Selection models and retouching

Open the "model.jpg" image, drag to your canvas, make a new group for it Ctrl+G, name this group "model".

choose the Pen Tool (P ) and draw a path around the model's silhouette . in this way we'll extract the model from the background.

image 6

Click right on the path and choose Make Selection. Select Inverse Shift+Ctrl+I, and copy selected to new layer Ctrl+J, name this "Model".

image 7

Copy the model layer (select the current layer, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+J) then rename it to Model2, as in the step previously, extract the model completely from the background (remove the bed- now we can work directly on the model's)

image 8

Step 4 - Shadow under the model

Take a hard brush, paint the black color the shadow under the model

image 9

Important thing! the layer of shadow must be between the "model2" layer and "model" layer, like this:

image 10

Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, set the values as below:

image 11

change the Blending Mode to Multiply and fill at 73%

image 12

Next step is to add a layer mask to "model2" layer, set the white color, take a soft brush, set the black color and start hide unnecessary parts - (the edges of the beds), like this:

image 13

Step 5 - Hair

Now we can start painting hair. Use the following colors:

Grab Hard Brush (B), apply Shape Dynamics and Other Dynamics and use the following colors: #401d0e (shadow), #4e2a15 (midtones), #cf6227 (highlights).

image 14

image 15

image 16

Create new fill or adjustment layer and choose Levels

image 17

image 18

image 19

Make a Clipping Mask layer on top of this "model" layer.

image 20

Step 6 - Veil

to painting veil - we need the following colors:

Midtones: # 7d8083, Highlights: # b4bce0, Shadow: #686a6c

image 21

Now after painting veil on the model, I can start to add Gradient. Double click on the panel layer and choose Gradient, in this way i add some blue color in veil

image 22

image 23

image 24

image 25

image 26

Step 7 - Wings

Extract wings from the background (use the Magic Wand Tool(W), set the Tolerance at 24% - 32%), move to your canvas, reduce the opacity to 73%. go to Edit> Free Transform (Ctrl + T), Fit the wings to the model

image 27

Add blue color and shine on the wings

image 28

Step 8 - Details on the hands

Take a Pen Tool, draw a shape similar as you can see on illustration below... Click right on the path and choose Make Selection. Select Inverse Shift+Ctrl+I, Press the keyboard shortcut (Shift+Ctrl+N) . in this way You create a new layer and go to: Edit>Stroke

image 29

image 30

using the Eraser tool, erasing the unnecessary parts

image 31

Click double on the layer panel and go to Bevel and Emboss, set the values as below:

image 32

then using the Dodge Tool (O) and Burn Tool (O), creating dark and light areas near the hand model (see the picture below)

image 33

I'll now begin to add small details, I adding stars. it gives a dreamy atmosphere. The artwork should looks like in the picture below:

image 34

image 35

we have already a model and background. Artwork should looks similar to image below (background was creating in step 1)

image 36

time for creating a waterfall

Step 9 - Waterfall

Open the "Waterfall" image and drag the stock image to your canvas and make a new group for it Ctrl+G, rename this group to "waterfall".

Important thing! "waterfall" group should be under the "model"group.

image 37

Then copy the current layer, rename it to "waterfall2" Now I have two layers with a waterfalls.

image 38

go to: Edit> Transform> Disort and fit the edge waterfall to the bed where there is a model

image 39

Select the "waterfall2" Layer and go to: Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal

image 40

than Repeat step with the layer above(Edit> Transform> Disort)

Add a layer mask. remove unnecessary edges. Something like this:

image 41

image 42

Go to: Filter> Blur> Motion Blur

image 43

image 44

Step 10 - Add Shadow and Highlights

Grab a Soft Brush, using the white color start painting the light

image 45

Now take a Soft Brush, with white color and paint the silver dust

image 46

image 47

image 48

image 49

Step 11 - Final Artwork

Now You can start to adjust the artwork. The best way to do is to go to New Layer adjustmen and choose Selective Color, Black & White, Photo Filter, Gradient Fill, Brightness/Contrast and Leveles to colour your artwork.

image 50

Your artwork should be similar like this:

When the Dreams Come True

That's it. your manipulation is ready. hope you found this tutorial interesting. Thank you for reading.

Good luck !

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