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One picture may look dull. Don't hesitate to throw its color away, and put some RGB boxes on it!
Save yourself a bunch of bucks buying paints when your artistic flair comes out of the blue!
Every kid around you got his own blog. It's high time to make yours unique. Go! We personalize our blogs.
Dodge tool, burn tool and smudge tool, what are the tools used for? A digital cloud painting or a galaxy/cosmic effect, at least.
This Photoshop tutorial will help you to create a Transformer Style graphic for many possible uses. The product has a dark, high-tech or sci-fi look. The author made this lesson a snap.
Create a lovely button.
Make an advertising module for your own company.
Yes! Boo-Boo, you too can "Draw the Sony Ericsson." The author makes this tutorial quick and simple. You will marvel at the Photoshop acumen that this shorty can impart to you. And, it's fun, lots of pics!
Join many small pictures to make a big one. Discover this style!!!
Making a grid background like in some horror games.