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Make liquid metal so cool, you'll think it came from a Terminator movie.
Learn how to create a cubic fire text.
By using just a few basic tool (cutting tool and transform), you can turn your 2D pic into realistic 3D pic.
This tutorial shows you how to create a composition of pictures like a series of photos displaced on a desk and looking like a puzzle.
With a lappy photoshop-embedded, a printer, and a so and so digital picture you now can churn out marvelously like-hand-drawn painting! And time, 2 minutes, incredible...
Got fed up with MSN, Yahoo,... buddy icon. Let's create your own rocky one...
Today, you will learn how to draw this icon below with Photoshop.
Back to your kindergarten time!!! Drawing with very simple shape to make a funny picture.
Watch out! Under construction.
You may save some lives with this sign!