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The author of this article makes several manipulations to photos at one time with ease and grace. If you practice this Photoshop tutorial you will be able to manipulate those pixels with the same expertise - read on.
Coloring your own sketch is an interesting work.
This is my new method of removing an object from a complicated background.
This tutorial is just what you want if you need to learn Basic Shading. The author works in Photoshop to make the lesson. The steps are well written for ease of use and there are plenty of illustrations to make it child's play.
Distort, twist the lens flare to make everyone say wow!
It's so easy to pour one picture into another. Reduce the opacity? Nope, how come you don't try the gradient tool and the versatile layer mask? Rev up for this basic tutorial!
Don't risk your life snapping a picture under the thunder storm! Feel secure under your roof and make the bolts appear.
The title may give you a sense of deja vu of a song of Europe. Yes, it's The Final Countdown. 3..2..1 'launch' or 'open your eyes' or 'bang! you're dead' or 'happy new year' or whatever, there's always something awaiting you after the counting...
Step 1:
Run Adobe ImageReady and select File>Open and open the movie file and select the following option
You need to select the part of the frames that you would like to have for your avatar.