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1. Create a new document (Ctrl+N), fill the "Background" layer with a blue that resembles a sky and create a new layer with a layer mask.
2. Apply a "Clouds" filter (Filters> Render> Clouds) in the top layer's mask.
3. Duplicate the top layer (Ctrl+J) and apply a "Difference Clouds...
Create black night skies and remove the orange tint in photographs taken during the night.
Reduce haze and increase contrast to the highlights of the image.
A quick and effective Photoshop retouching technique to reduce shadows and increase saturation.
Add shine and restore lackluster metal.
For those who do not have Adobe Photoshop CS, learn how to simulate the effects Shadow/Highlight tool to reveal hidden detail in a photograph.
Enhance the color of the sky and other light areas to increase contrast and saturation.
Realistic 3D bathroom tiles in five easy steps.
A web pattern over an aurora background.
A planet formed by pipes in a grid pattern.