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In this tutorial we will see how we can use Photoshop effectively to create a Gaming Template. The techniques which are used in this tutorials are very easy to follow.
Open whatever image you like to use for this night vision filter. I suggest you to use a high resolution image, 1024x768 or greater. This filter is good for planes, helicopters, cars or human targets This is the image I used, 1024x768. Set your foreground color to #124e14 or around (a dark green wil...
Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels. Now, on a different layer that the background, make with the lasso tool a form like this:
Now go to Filter > Stylize > Wind and apply it from the right.
There are 2 modes we can create a polarized sky:
Open the image you want to apply the polarized sky. Here is mine: Observe that the sky is dull and it's not as great looking as I would like to.
Create a new layer and apply on it a gradient from the most dark blue of the sky of your image (...
These days anybody and everybody need a website. And there are different ways of designing webpage layouts for different organizations. In this tutorial we're creating a web page template for an imaginary children's learning centre...
First, make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, as usual, white background.
Go to Filter > Render > Clouds and apply them in document.
Next go to Image > Adjustmens > Curves... to increase the amount of contrast in the image, making the light areas Whiter and the dark areas Blacker...
Open the image you would like to make infrared, double click the Background layer to unlock it. <br/> Press CTRL+Shift+L or go to Image > Adjutments > Auto Levels and let Photoshop correct the levels in your photo. <br/> Now Go to Image > Mode > Lab Color to make the photo in Lab mode
Start by creating a new file. We'll create stylized "H" using pen tool. Follow along the images below. Create ellipse using elliptical shape tool.
Select the "H" paths, we just created in previous steps and press Ctrl+C to copy the path.
Start by opening a new file. Type the text with a bold font like arial black or impact.
Ctrl+Click the layer to get the selection of the text.
Press Ctrl+Alt+D to apply feather the edges.
Box designs (like Eboooks or Software box) images are very popular on internet these days. Its quite an easy and intresting task to create an ebook or software box graphic in photoshop.Create two nice photoshop files using text, images and effects. One will be for front side of the box and other for...