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Make a new document, 500x500 pixels, blue background
Using the eliptical selection tool, create on a new layer a perfect circle. Now using a gradient like in my example, fill this selection. You should come up with something similar:
Go to Select > Modify > Expand and exapand the selec...
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, February 2006
The full design process in just one extremely comprehensive tutorial! See for yourself.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, February 2006
Learn to create a modern-looking neutral header that can give a decent display to any business brand - including yours.
Trendy World Map Make a rippling wave around effect around a nice rendering the continents.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, February 2006
Don’t miss your chance to learn to produce photo galleries in a moment’s notice. Photoshop lets you put pictures online easily.
Because both Photoshop and Illustrator have layers, it only makes sense to want to use layers from one product in the other one. Itâ??s nice to be able to manipulate individual layers from a Photoshop image in Illustrator, so you can make adjustments on a portion of an image. Before you embark on this...
This tutorial is not intended only for creating a portal effect, but also to teach you how to use multiple filter effect one after another. Create a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, white background.
Open the image you want to add the effect to. Mine is this:
Now make a new document, transparent background, 1×2 pixels. Fill with black a pixel then go to Edit > Define pattern and call it whatever you want.
Now close the pattern document and go to the image.
Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, white background
On a new layer, make a shape with the poligonal lasso tool, something like this:
Duplicate the layer and right click on the shape, free transform and then flip horizontal. Now moove the shape until you get a new nice shape...
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, February 2006
If you are still sure that there is no spoon, you’ll be thrilled to learn to create the most popular text effect of all times - the green lines of letters on the black background. So stylish!