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Add a glowing neon light under a vehicle.
Add realistic decals to a vehicle without removing reflections.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2005
Unlike traditional ways of changing a vehicle's body colour, this technique uses layer mask and various blending modes to preserve reflections making it extremely difficult for others to figure out if the image was digitally edi...
A pixel art brick texture created using a combination of filters to eliminate the need of drawing.
Realistic blood splatters on a metal surface.
An optical illusion with solid white dots that seems to blink.
An abstract formed by lines pointing towards the distance.
1. Open the image for editing.
2. Duplicate the current layer (Ctrl+J).
3. With the top layer selected, apply a Neon Glow filter (Filter> Stylize> Neon Glow) with the following properties:...
Use a combination of filters to create a realistic rock texture.
Glowing glass tiles with rounded corners.