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Webmasters who look to create a professional looking Notebook or Journal themed website, often run into problems with a repeating background that is believable to the user. This tutorial will teach you how to create a notebook or journal background, and we will soon publish a tutorial on how to make...
1. First, I will explain what a Boolean does in brief. Booleans are modeling tools that let you add, subtract, and intersect space within 2 objects. They are very effective for modeling out space within objects, such as a glass of water.
1. Create a primitive Cube object (Objects > Primitive > Cube):
2. In the attributes palette, set it up as follows:
We created 3 segments in each dimension for when we start editing the points. Creating 3 in each dimension will divide our cube like this:
1. If and Else statements are special pieces of code that tell your server to do something under a certain condition. If and Else statements therefore are conditional statements. An example of a likely piece of code that uses these statements is:
1. Create a new document in photoshop (about 650x600 should be fine), and fill it with a dark background:
2. Now select your your rounded rectangle shape tool from the tool bar:
3. Drag a rectangle out leaving a little space around the edges of your document for the background:
1. Start off by creating a new document in photoshop, 322x296
Create the layout of your shoutbox, make sure you leave a space for, Name and Message fields, also a window for the shouts to be displayed in.
1. First select your Bezier Spline Tool:
2. If you have ever worked with the pen tool in photoshop, this is basically the same tool except with 3 dimensions. Switch to your 4 port view by clicking F5:
Create a particle emitter (Object > Particle > Emitter). An emitter is an object that will generate multiple versions of the same object and move them in the Z direction. We can use particle emitters for almost anything that has multiple of the same object.
Open Cinema 4d, and create a basic abstract render or load one that you have already started. We are going to add onto this render by simply adding some modifiers and editing it to it to give it different looks.
Required Images (well, you can replace them with whatever you want in yours, this is just if you want to mimic me):