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This tutorial will teach you how to create the piece 'Medusa' using a range of techniques including photo manipulation.
Editor's Pick of December, 2009
Draw attention of your site visitors to the upcoming events of your community with a custom designed shortcut.
This tutorial will teach you how to create some stunning lighting effects, inspired by Justin Timberlake's LoveStoned music video. You will learn how to use various layer blending modes and brushes to achieve a professional finish.
This tutorial will teach you how to design a cool grungy website layout. As well as walking you through the various Photoshop techniques it outlines general design principles and provides pointers for your own grunge designs.
Learn how to use paths and masking to produce an abstract view of sea on land. You will also learn some cool texturing ideas.
Editor's Pick of October, 2009
Heat up your web design with flaming letters. A nice and easy technique to make hot titles, logotypes, buttons, etc.
This tutorial will teach you how to design a clean, professional business website layout from scratch. Many of the techniques are fairly basic, but it shows the design process in great detail.
This basic tutorial will show you the steps involved in turning an ordinary day scene into a magical night scene.
This tutorial will cover some techniques to integrate 3d elements into your 2d designs. We will be creating a colorful wallpaper design.
Editor's Pick of October, 2009
Behold advanced Photoshop techniques covered in this tutorial teaching you how to create a horrific poster.