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In this photoshop tutorial you'll learn how to wrap up your text like a set of christmas presents.
This tutorial will teach you some important techniques to help create high impact images. Follow the steps to create your own high impact child welfare poster.
Create an awesome abstract underwater scene using photo manipulation techniques. Learn how to create a complex abstract composition.
Learn how to display your work in a unique and interesting style. Create a visual showcase to jazz up your designs.
This tutorial teaches you how to create a super realistic bottle of wine completely from scratch. You will learn how to use the pen tool effectively, as well as gradient/pattern overlays and other drawing techniques.
This tutorial teaches you how to create the sketchy, hand-drawn effect that is currently popular as part of the ongoing 'grunge' trend.
This tutorial will teach you how to add flames to your images. I'll be discussing a number of techniques that will help you to keep your fiery images looking realistic, not just intense.
This tutorial will teach you how to easily create swirly works of art, and follow an increasingly popular design technique.
Editor's Pick of August, 2009
Stunning techniques to add photographic details making your work fun to scrutinize. Learn the tricks as you create an urban style poster.
This tutorial teaches you how to turn an ordinary photo into a terrifying zombie image, all in less than 20 steps.