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Learn how to combine photos and brush strokes to give a car photo slick dusky lighting effects.
Editor's Pick of July, 2009
Behold a great example of how a masterpiece of a digital art can be created with Photoshop. Learn to use digital brushes to come up with photorealistic results.
Editor's Pick of July, 2009
Let the fume and flame burst out of a womans mouth making her a dragon hybrid. Awesome effect that can be used mainly in poster design.
Learn how to combine multiple photo elements to create a novel victorian theatre.
Learn how to combine several photos to create a dramatic 'fallen angel' scene.
Create an elaborate photo manipulation, dealing with blending options, lighting and perspective.
This tutorial explains how to master the pen tool in great detail, carefully walking you through all it's features as you trace a penguin image.
Learn how to create a professional portfolio design using basic steps and a little creativity.
This tutorial uses a variety of techniques to create a funky music poster!
Editor's Pick of June, 2009
Surround any of your products with floral attributes to manipulate the item perception as well as just make things look prettier.