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Adding gloss to text can be done in a number of ways but to get a clean effect you going to need to know how to use the Rectangular Marqee tool properly.
Ever wanted to get that Vista button effect? Thought it would be too complicated? This tutorial will show you a very basic way off getting the effect but only using styles.
In this tutorial you will be creating a web 2.0 arrow that could be used in a web-design or just as a general web-graphic.
In this tutorial you will be designing a slim drop down menu suitable for a variety of websites!
Create a fresh looking content box by using carefully stacked layers as well as layer styles and blending modes. This content box is ideal for website using a Web 2.0 Layout.
Here's a interesting navigation bar style. Using the classic vertical style button with a interesting concept. Learn how to create simple shapes with a sleek looking gradient properties to make the final result really stand out!
Learn how to place images within text you create in Photoshop, and how to get a great effect with little effort at all!
Create a Retro swirl effect using simple filters and by using touch up's make it really stand out! For this tutorial you will need to let your Retro side out!
Creating orbs can be done is so many different ways, this tutorial will show you how you don't always have to use complex tools in photoshop to get a decent orb effect feeling
Learn how to create a Web 2.0 Header as well as being shown how to create a web 2.0 style navigation as well! In this tutorial you will be concerntrating on what makes Web 2.0.