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In this tutorial you will learn how to create 3D Perspective text in using a very basic method. This tutorial is more of a play around with different method tutorial so you can adapt different methods.
Create a bold piece of text and then make it completly glossed up by apply precise Blending Options. This is tutorial is for people that want to create text with just using Blending Options.
Using the noise filter to create a simple wood/notice board style material, by using basic colours and a grainish noise effect.
This tutorial will show you some web stats sites as well as show the benefits and disadvantages of stats!
Using things like Keywords and Description in your Meta tag will help you increase search engine results. In this tutorial we will explain how other factors help as well!
Validation in your webpages is very important as proven in this tutorial. In this tutorial you'll learn about Validation and how you should be making the effort to get validated!
Forget HTML/XHTML for a bit, if your completly new to the website scene then your going to need to know some facts before you start a website. In this tutorial you will learn about Web-Hosts and technical terms!
Create a different style of fire using settings based on the Fire Text I tutorial! Thanks to public feedback and recommendations we have been able to re-create a new style of fire text!