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Create a nice and clean looking Web 2.0 text box. In this tutorial you will also learn how to blend other shapes within it's surroundings neatly and cleanly.
Create a realistic Chrome Navigation bar complete with chrome like buttons that make it stand out. Using layer effects see how easy it is to get this effect!
Create a nice looking vertical navigation bar with some nice effects, filters and different ways of getting those results! Recommended for sites that are more on the Web 2.0 side of things!
Create a sleek content box using carefully thought out layer styles and basic tool usage, this tutorial is a must if your looking for a simple way of getting that sleek content box look.
Create a button that has a real orb feeling inside it's outer ring. For this tutorial you will be looking at previous methods in other tutorials to create this button!
Create a unique gel button by using carefully coordinated colours as well as gradients and filters. In this tutorial you will find out how easy it is to get a decent looking button!
Learn how to create a rounded navigation bar in Photoshop. Defiently beats a square navigation bar. You will also use carefully chosen Blending Options as well as pattern overlay's.
There are many way of creating orbs. Different Styles, different methods. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a orb by just using only a few tools. Without the use of pen tool.
Create simple yet effective glossy text that really gives you that glossy effect, simply by using a few basic methods!
Get the need for speed feeling. In this tutuorial you will create fast style text with a few simple touches.