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Bootstrap Templates are awesome responsive themes that build on Bootstrap framework. This framework has lots of pros, such as fluid grid system, global styles, responsive design, smart typography, forms and buttons. These Bootstrap Templates combine native Bootstrap functionality and cool add-ons from TemplateMonster. Do not hesitate to look at the demo version of each template. Enjoy!
To make you Friday more enjoyable, we've gathered some cool freebies from Behance. Don't forget to push share buttons coz sharing is sexy!
Today's collection of web design related tumblr blogs will bring you lots of inspiration. Here you'll find blogs with web design stuff: free icons, patterns, textures, amazing typography examples and web design tutorials. Don't forget to push share buttons, because sharing is sexy!
Today's piece of inspiration is waiting for you! Gorgeous photos of dancers will make your day and bring some bright ideas for your designs.
Hi there! We are pleased to say "Hi" to our readers! In today's letter you'll find some holiday related stuff for designers, such as useful tutorials, tips and tricks and articles. Also, really mind-blowing freebies are are about to go your way.
Thanksgiving in Instagram! Surprised? Look at this collection of Instagram photos related to Thanksgiving and check out this holiday inspiration the Instagramish style.
Thanksgiving is coming! Have you already prepared for this holiday? I'm sure you have
When it comes to web design - less is more. Nothing beats simplicity in making a website looking professional.An increasing part of internet users are now keener on simply designed websites with enhanced functionality rather than complex pages, cluttered with distracting ads. It's not surprising that Minimalism has recently become a popular trend amongst designers. Facing the defiance of simplistic design, they are now focused on finding the most attractive way to offer qualitative content i...
Look at these well designed and coded flat website templates. Every cool web designer should stay alert at all times and be ready to hop on a brand new craze wave when it's close enough. In a word, be in the know and follow the trends. Flat design is a buzzword and mainstream today.