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We here at wanna help you keep track of the most trendy innovations and interesting news in the web design field. That's why we've showcased not only our own best stuffs, but also the coolest posts all over the web :)
Drupal is arguably the most customisable open-source CMS system available. However, it's not the prettiest thing out of the box. That's why themes were developed. They turn Drupal's powerful backend features into something pretty to look at.
Responsive design is an obvious trend in our day and age. Well, if you don't live under the rock. Moreover, it has been a trend for about two years now. And I'm sure that it will be even more popular for a bunch of years. As a cool web developer, you should make responsive web sites in the right way. To show you how to do it, I've put together these awesome books on responsive web design. Do not hesitate to invest in your education, because knowledge is power!
Halloween is knocking in our doors! It is not a lot of free time left to prepare for this holiday. That's why we should decorate our flats, make some holiday related stuff, create a smashing pumpkin for the holiday.
Halloween is coming! The first thing you should think about is where to find the best Halloween costume for the party! We here at wanna help you with this stuff :) Scroll down and find some awesome variants of costumes for ladies, children, men and even your pets!
Typography is everywhere! Even in food. Look at this inspiring collection of food handmade fonts! All examples are awesome for sure!
Everyone who owns a website has an email list. If you don't, start one now. For those of you who do have an email list, we are giving you the opportunity to win Display, a flat-designed responsive email template that you can use as your email newsletter. We have 5 copies to give away so read the "How to Win" section below to get entered.
Autumn photography collection. Visit this post to find some lovely inspiration
This set contains more than 60 vector elements, so you'll find the best icon here for sure.
To make this beginning of the week more tasty, I've prepared for you a yummy collection of food photography examples. Scroll down and grab some delicious inspiration here! By the way, do not forget to share this post with your friends :)